TMS Therapy cost with insurance coverage - one-on-one support from an insurance specialist

One-on-One Support from
an Insurance Specialist

TMS Therapy is accepted by most insurance providers

Accepted by Most
Insurance Providers

TMS Therapy Insurance Coverage - A simplified insurance process

A Simplified
Insurance Process

A Dedicated Insurance Specialist to Answer All Your Questions

Navigating insurance coverage for TMS can be challenging, which is why we have dedicated a real live person to help you understand your options and fill out all the paperwork.

We knows the ins and outs of insurance for TMS and mental health therapy and have direct experience working with a variety of plans and providers.

Since the FDA clearance of TMS in 2008, insurance coverage for eligible patients has increased significantly. Currently, there are over 60 coverage policies for TMS, including most Medicare contractors.

TMS Therapy Insurance Coverage in Brandon, FL | TMS of Central Florida

We Work With a Variety of Insurance Providers

An Advanced Treatment for Depression

TMS of Central Florida is a NeuroStar practice devoted to helping patients overcome depression with a non-invasive therapy that uses targeted magnetic pulses to stimulate underactive areas of the brain.


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